Mark learned the value of hard work from his parents, Steven and Connie Voss. His father worked as a school custodian before obtaining his degree and becoming a teacher in District 622.  Before his mother earned her degree and started working for the same school district, she operated an in-home daycare. Mark’s family always worked hard and believed in education and giving back as a way to improve their lives and their community.

Family Matters

Mark and his wife Tina live in White Bear Township with their two wonderful children, Gabe who is 11 and Micah who is 8. Tina is a 17 year veteran of the Oakdale Police Department who has spent the past several years as the School Resource Officer for Tartan High School.  

Mark was brought up in Oakdale with parents who were dedicated to their community. His father’s hard work as a school teacher and his mother’s dedication to her work as a speech and language pathologist instilled in Mark at a young age that a community is only as good as the time and energy people invest in it.

Mark spent his school days at Tartan High School where he could be found spending time playing soccer and basketball and participating in concert and swing choir. 

What little downtime Mark has now is mostly spent in the kitchen baking or cooking. He finds the most joy in doing things where he can share his passion for food with the people he loves.

Strong Communities

Mark’s passion for our community extends beyond his family and union to his church, St. John’s Lutheran in Stillwater. As a member of the church council he understands the challenges facing community organizations and the important work they do. 

Mark and Tina strive to instill in their boys the same core beliefs they were raised on. They hope that one day the boys will learn from their example of dedication to their community and strong work ethic. Mark loves living in a place where he has the opportunity to coach Micah’s soccer team and volunteer at Gabe’s baseball games.  

As a family, they can often be found on the sidelines at one of the boy’s baseball or soccer games, judo classes or just getting out into nature and exploring some of the amazing outdoor spaces in the north metro.

Proud Labor Member

Mark is a card-carrying union member from the building trades and someone who believes that elected officials should put the good of their communities ahead of what’s good for their political parties.

As a member of Sheet Metal Workers Local 10, Mark’s career took off after finishing his apprenticeship and earning a Master license in warm air and ventilation. Mark truly enjoys the work he does and thinks it’s important that everyone remembers there are many paths to a successful career.

Mark is more than “just” a sheet metal worker. He is someone who was told after a terrible motorcycle accident in 2007 that his career was over. But with determination and the help of his doctors and rehabilitation therapy specialists, he beat the odds and was able to return to work in nine months. 

Every day he thinks about what happened and reminds himself that everything in life can be overcome with dedication, perseverance, and belief in oneself. 

Pictures from the campaign

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